Small Gro Plant Pots

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Crafted in signature pigmented porcelain, Angus & Celeste's Gro Pot range is available in a variety of contemporary hues.

Made of high-fired porcelain, these small size pots are perfect for starting cuttings, collecting succulents, cacti and even bonsai! 

Pots come with a generous drip tray, glazed in a durable gloss finish, providing a contrast between the matte surface pot and the glazed base drip tray.

Pots have a drainage hole in the base, which means that plants can be potted directly into the planter and you can rest assured that your plants will benefit from proper drainage.

Great on sideboards, shelves, side tables, on the kitchen windowsill or beside your bed. 



Product details

Materials: High-fired porcelain

Dimensions: Height: 8.5cm x Diameter: 12cm